I told my child about the children living in Gaza and this was her reaction.

While readingĀ  ‘Horrible Histories’ with my children yesterday, my son said how lucky we are that the world isn’t like that anymore.

I told my kids that sadly the world is just as scary and horrible in some places. Without going into any details I told them about the many children who are suffering in Gaza, right now.

We spoke for a while about the unfairness of it all and then it was seemingly forgotten as the day continued as normal.

This morning my little girl asked me if she could draw something in my book.
She asked me how to spell ‘children’ and then ‘Gaza’. I asked her what she was doing and these were her exact words..

“I’m sending love to children in Gaza.”

Dear Children in Gaza,  I want to send you my love.

A letter from a little girl to the children in Gaza

If the world was run by children it would be a beautiful place.