The Sojo Ethos 

Set up by me, Sophie Johnson-Hill (one of Nottingham’s quirkier 2D animators), Sojo Animation is an excuse to celebrate the wonderful imaginations of children. Each project is an exploration into the creative thought processes of little ones, inspiring puppetry, digital animation, or sometimes a mixture of the two at the same time.

I wish to throw away the rules and habits that I have learnt over the years, that so often block creativity, and instead, trust the child’s creative instinct.  Working alongside schools, nurseries, play groups and families, I am interested in allowing children to follow their imaginations and endeavor  to encourage creativity, while avoiding leading and manipulating.

I believe that adults have much to learn from children. Children experience the world in a wonderful way and Sojo Animation is my window back into that world (if only for a moment or two).

sojo soph

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