Sophie Johnson-Hill: Biography

sophie photo

London born Sophie Johnson-Hill, discovered her love for animation by drawing stickmen on the bottom right-hand corners of boring A4 lined paper when she should probably have been listening at school.  She was described as a dreamer throughout her childhood and felt happiest when she was allowed the space to be creative.

After becoming a mother Sophie’s career path led her back to her core passions of a child’s imagination and following creative instincts.  She has worked for many years with hundreds of pre-school and early years children and their families.

At heart, Sophie’s work upholds the message of ‘the importance of the child’s creative impulse’.  Encouraging creativity while avoiding manipulation was the focus of Sophie’s Masters in Digital Animation and Puppetry at Nottingham Trent University.

Sophie has created her own animation brand, Sojo Animation, and under this name creates animation mostly inspired by the thoughts of children, although her work is bound by no rules and occasionally takes a spontaneous plunge into other areas.