Thunk of the Day is OFFICIALLY SELECTED for Broadway Cinema’s Short Stack Festival

Thunk of the Day “Favourite Year” has made the OFFICIAL SELECTION for Short Stack – Independent Short Film Night at Broadway Cinema This Sunday at 5:30pm!

This wonderful Thunk was one of a series commissioned by Small Steps Big Changes to celebrate chatting with our kids. It was dreamt up by Emily Taylor who is probably my biggest hero of creativity! I have been working with her now for a couple of years on a multitude of projects and have yet to meet her in person, so Sunday feels like a pretty big deal!

This is Emily! Her mum said, “This is the face of one excited little lady after reading your email! How bloody exciting!!”


Work 1

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf was created using the audio and artwork from a spontaneous one-to-one play session with a particularly talkative four year old. It is an unscripted, not so delightful tale about a wolf who desperately wants to let a little girl know that he’s a good wolf so he can get inside her house. Animated as part of my research on creating digital animation that upholds a message of ‘the importance of trusting and valuing a child’s creative impulse.’

Work 2

Word Wednesday

This animation was commissioned by The Spark and Leicester Libraries. “Word Wednesdays” was part of the Imaginative Spaces project at The BRITE Centre in Leicester. This brilliant story is written and read by Joseph.

Work 3

Thunk of the Day : My Favourite Year

This Thunk of the Day is one of a series of micro animations celebrating the spontaneous thoughts of children. ‘My Favourite Year’ presents the spontaneous thought, voice and artwork of 5 year old, Emily.