‘Boo’s Nativity’ is to be screened @The Beeston Film Festival.


What a wonderful start to the year.  ‘Boo’s Nativity’ has been selected to be screened at The Beeston Film Festival. Look at the lovely laurels! Click the link to find out more!

I am a lot a bit excited about this!

Holly’s Glowing Snowman

glowing snowman flyer low res

As ‘The Glowing Snowman Workshop’ fast approaches I thought you might like a sneaky peek at one of the little snow-fellas. This one is called Tom. He is six, lives in the woods and is apparently best friends with a bear. He is definitely not a baby duck and he doesn’t fancy wearing a hat.

I wonder what your snowman is going to be like 🙂

To reserve your place on the workshop click here. Alternatively you can send an email to hello@sojo.pro




The Glowing Snowman Workshop

glowing snowman flyer low res


I am delighted to have teamed up with Sprouts to bring you this magical collaborative event.

The Glowing Snowman Workshop is perfect for families who love to build snowmen (that glow.)

Once upon a time there was a little snowman who accidentally swallowed a firefly….

Shhhh! I mustn’t say too much!  Should you decide to pop along, you will hear the whole of this whimsical tale through some delightful story telling and interactive fun, Sprouts style!

Families will be presented with a lovely willowy bundle, with all the bits and bobs needed to build a brilliant snowman.  Each snowman is unique in appearance and personality.  We want to learn about your snowman’s character and your children will be invited to chalk out their ideas on the special ‘Sojo Thinking Station’ if they’d like to.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Dagfa School Nottingham who are kindly sponsoring the event.

You can book a place for your family here.

Places are limited.

Such a fun commission from The Spark Arts…I had to share.

A little while ago The Spark Arts asked if I would create an animation to promote ‘Word Wednesday’ sessions in Leicester Libraries.  This meant I had the chance to listen to loads of fabulous stories written by children in Leicester and then pick one to animate. Obviously I was delighted with such a project and will happily share it with you all.

Take a peek at Joseph’s story.  Clever fella 🙂

Charlie and the Cotton Wool Coat

A lovely blog post I want to share with you, about a play I thoroughly enjoyed animating for/puppet making/performing in. Check it out. Super memories 🙂


Through this stage of the research I intend to clarify the process I have been following in order to answer the question:

How the combination and exploration between different media, distinct kinds of digital and physical object animation could affect the delivery of a narrative structure and the understanding of  a story?

I started to gather practical information. What I mean by practical information is the action of going and seeing shows or animations, interview the creators or participate somehow in the creative process that is going to be useful for the research.

One of the objectives was to find a play that combined physical and digital animation within its structure and that the use of it was not only an stylish or aesthetic desire but be significant for the narrative or meaningful for the understanding of the story.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with The Independent Scrutineers, a not-for-profit…

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Thunk of the Day #3 ‘What Not to Name Your Teddy’

The third ‘Thunk’ in a series of short animations celebrating the imaginations, artwork and voices of young children in Nottingham.
This ‘Thunk’ features the artwork and voice of a particularly brilliant 6 year old girl.

The Mythical Creatures Puppetry Workshop with The Spark @ The Brite Centre, Leicester.

2014-08-21 19.33.19

There is something magical about shadow puppetry, I have always said that, but my goodness, when kids get involved it is just wonderful.  Children are so eager to explore new ideas and so playful with their approach to a new art form.  It’s such a shame that we all have to grow up.

The Spark puppetry Workshop pic

When the children at The Brite Centre noticed the big black box in the corner of the room with a funny little window in it’s side, they weren’t sure what it was doing there.  When I switched on the torch and let them have a peek at a couple of pre-made shadow puppets that was it….their brilliantly creative minds were busy thinking about what they were going to create.

“Can I have a go with the torch?”

Me  “Sure.”

“Are we going to make our own shadow puppets?”

Me “You bet we are.”

“Do we have to make one of these mythical creatures or can we make up a new one?”

Me “Well that’s up to you.  You are the boss of your puppet.”

“Let’s make some theatre curtains for the front of the black box!”

Me “Super idea, let’s do it!”

shadow puppet capture

Here’s a big thank you to Jayne at The Spark and all the wonderful people working with The Spark for having me along for the day.