Such a fun commission from The Spark Arts…I had to share.

A little while ago The Spark Arts asked if I would create an animation to promote ‘Word Wednesday’ sessions in Leicester Libraries.  This meant I had the chance to listen to loads of fabulous stories written by children in Leicester and then pick one to animate. Obviously I was delighted with such a project and will happily share it with you all.

Take a peek at Joseph’s story.  Clever fella 🙂

Charlie and the Cotton Wool Coat

A lovely blog post I want to share with you, about a play I thoroughly enjoyed animating for/puppet making/performing in. Check it out. Super memories 🙂


Through this stage of the research I intend to clarify the process I have been following in order to answer the question:

How the combination and exploration between different media, distinct kinds of digital and physical object animation could affect the delivery of a narrative structure and the understanding of  a story?

I started to gather practical information. What I mean by practical information is the action of going and seeing shows or animations, interview the creators or participate somehow in the creative process that is going to be useful for the research.

One of the objectives was to find a play that combined physical and digital animation within its structure and that the use of it was not only an stylish or aesthetic desire but be significant for the narrative or meaningful for the understanding of the story.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with The Independent Scrutineers, a not-for-profit…

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Sojo News: The Magical Mythical Creature Workshop

I am delighted to be part of a week long event called ‘The Unbelievable Board Game!’  at The BRITE Centre, Leicester.  Ages 8+ will work with arts professionals throughout the week to create a life sized board game with many challenges, twists and mythical characters that will scare the wits out of parents and family who will be invited to play the UNBELIEVABLE BOARD GAME on the Saturday at 1pm.

On Wednesday 20th August you can join me, Sophie Johnson-Hill, for ‘The Magical Mythical Creature Workshop’  we will be discovering a host of magical mystical creatures, creating puppets and leaning how to manipulate them…All in one day!

Find the event on Facebook.


I told my child about the children living in Gaza and this was her reaction.

While reading  ‘Horrible Histories’ with my children yesterday, my son said how lucky we are that the world isn’t like that anymore.

I told my kids that sadly the world is just as scary and horrible in some places. Without going into any details I told them about the many children who are suffering in Gaza, right now.

We spoke for a while about the unfairness of it all and then it was seemingly forgotten as the day continued as normal.

This morning my little girl asked me if she could draw something in my book.
She asked me how to spell ‘children’ and then ‘Gaza’. I asked her what she was doing and these were her exact words..

“I’m sending love to children in Gaza.”

Dear Children in Gaza,  I want to send you my love.

A letter from a little girl to the children in Gaza

If the world was run by children it would be a beautiful place.

Charlie meets some amazing characters, created by children


Here it is!  Charlie’s journey, packed with all of the fantastic characters that you created during the Sojo Workshop @ Nottingham Children’s Book Festival.

I will be announcing which character has been chosen to appear in the January 2014 production of ‘Charlie and the Cotton Wool Coat’, in a few weeks time.  Goodness knows how they’ll ever decide!

Sojo Animation ‘Character development’ workshop @ Nottingham Children’s Book Festival

On Saturday I had the pleasure of running a Sojo character development workshop for the Nottingham Children’s Book Festival ‘Tales from the Riverbank’.

I am now a very busy lady, animating all the amazing, new characters I have been introduced to, but I couldn’t resist putting up a few stills from the workshop.

drawing onto acetate

Here the children are drawing, onto acetate, the character that they imagined ‘Charlie’ met (or perhaps didn’t meet) in the woods.

sophie and girl

A quick chat about something brilliant.

the little girl and her bear

The time I met a little girl bear, and her lovely creator.

3 puppeteers

Three puppeteers prepare for their show. You’ll have to wait to see the actual show though 🙂

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