Charlie and the Cotton Wool Coat

A lovely blog post I want to share with you, about a play I thoroughly enjoyed animating for/puppet making/performing in. Check it out. Super memories šŸ™‚


Through this stage of the research I intend to clarify the process IĀ have been following in order to answer the question:

How the combination and exploration between different media, distinct kinds of digital and physical object animation could affect the delivery of a narrative structure and the understanding ofĀ  a story?

IĀ started to gather practical information. What I mean by practical information is the action of going and seeing shows or animations, interview the creators or participate somehow in the creative process that is going to be useful for the research.

One of the objectives was to find a play that combined physical and digital animation within its structure and that the use of it was not only an stylish or aesthetic desire but be significant for the narrative or meaningful for the understanding of the story.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with The Independent Scrutineers, a not-for-profitā€¦

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