Charlie meets some amazing characters, created by children

Here it is!  Charlie’s journey, packed with all of the fantastic characters that you created during the Sojo Workshop @ Nottingham Children’s Book Festival.

I will be announcing which character has been chosen to appear in the January 2014 production of ‘Charlie and the Cotton Wool Coat’, in a few weeks time.  Goodness knows how they’ll ever decide!

6 thoughts on “Charlie meets some amazing characters, created by children

  1. Beautiful. The kids and their creations might be the stars but SoJo provided the inspiration and fantastic direction. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Mum, Dad, Jack (Uga Uga) and (Fireman Sam) Sam.

  2. WOW This is great Sophie really liked it.well done Ithink that definatley learning about a software that gets this work up quicly in the workshops would be great.
    Best Sean

    • Thank you Sean. Yes, that would be ideal, wouldn’t it? This was obviously very labour intensive for me (after the workshop) and everybody had to be incredibly patient, waiting for their characters. I am putting together some footage of the workshop itself. I’ll be sharing it in a few weeks.

  3. My 4 year old son absolutely loved this and has been counting down the days to see this final product. He wasn’t disappointed – it’s wonderful. What a great idea. She also tamed his chatterbox ways throughout the class in a fantastic way. Thank you from Henry (2.07 minutes)

    • Thank you Natalie. It was lovely to meet Henry he was an absolute delight to have in the workshop! I’m putting together a film of the ‘workshop to animation’ process and I’m using Henry’s explanation of his character, I could’ve talked to him all day. (Join the Sojo Animation Facebook page and I’ll keep you posted.)
      Loved the pizza too! It just added that je ne sais quoi 🙂

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